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Building Survey (Formally called a Structural Survey)


A full Building Survey is suitable for all residential properties and goes beyond the limitations of the HomeSurvey Report providing a full picture of the construction and repair condition of the visible parts of the property. It diagnoses defects, suggests remedies and it also comments on future maintenance requirements. It is a custom report tailored to the client’s individual requirements and includes extensive technical information on construction and materials used as well as details of the whole range of significant defects.


It is especially suitable for property which is:-


  • of unusual construction or style / type


  • is dilapidated or in poor condition


  • is substantially altered or extended


  • in need of renovation or modernization


  • large floor area or with more than 4 bedrooms


  • Period properties or Listed Buildings


  • located in a Conservation Area


It includes:-

  • detailed advice on future maintenance requirements;


  • a comprehensive photographic record of the property and any problems areas;


  • we are happy to comment specifically on any areas of concern you may have ;


  • we can comment on any proposed alterations or extensions you may be planning;


  • advice on necessary legal enquiries prior to purchase;


  • a complimentary copy of the report can be sent direct to your legal advisers so that they are made aware of any additional legal enquiries required;


  • a verbal report of any major problems or areas of concern on the afternoon following the inspection or within 24 hours


A valuation is not normally included in a Building Survey (which is an RICS requirement) but can be added by arrangement, subject to a small fee increase. A general information sheet for Building Surveys can be downloaded by clicking on this link.


Sample Reports


We can provide you will a free sample report if you request this at the time of obtaining a quotation or alternatively these can be downloaded on the Sample Surveys page.


Conditions of Engagement


You can access a PDF copy of our standard Conditions of Engagement for Building Surveys by clicking on this link.



Is this the definitive report?


Whilst the inspection report will be as detailed as possible, there are of course, practical limitations. Whilst these are defined in the Conditions of Engagement, it is again stressed that it will be impossible to examine every detail of the structure without partly dismantling it. Destructive opening up is excluded without the express written consent of the vendor. The inspection and report will therefore confine itself to detailed examination of those parts of the building that are accessible and visible without causing damage.




Certain properties may be unsuitable for either a HomeSurvey or Building Survey. These cases include: precast and reinforced concrete houses, high-rise flats, large panel clad buildings and steel framed houses. Some historic buildings may also require additional specialist advice. If the property falls into one of these categories please discuss the matter with Hepburn & Associates.



What is the Cost?


A Building Survey is more expensive than a HomeSurvey Report reflecting the greater detail of the inspection, the more detailed report and time involved, starting from £565.00 inclusive.


Please contact Hepburn & Associates on 01622 833308 or Email: and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise on fees etc. We will then contact your in writing and by Email detailing the agreed fee, the service required and the formal Conditions of Engagement. This is purely a quotation and to enable us to proceed you will need to complete the Confirmation of Instruction form included and return it to us in the pre-paid reply envelope.


Hepburn & Associates is an independent firm of Chartered Building Surveyors and we always aim to be competitive on the fees charged. We are always open to negotiation to secure your instruction. We are not VAT registered which means more cost savings for you! Payment of the fee is accepted by Credit / Debit card, cheque or Bank Transfer.